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XTX linkage kit for rear suspension geometry correction.

( Attention: You already have a Linkage Kit? Please look at our XTX Maintenance Bulletin  )

KIT correction de géométrie XTX

The rear suspension of the Apex and Nytro XTX has a poor progressivity and a lot of friction. The suspension is stiff on small bumps and bottoms out easily. In addition, the suspension is sagging a lot, so we lose valuable travel.
The kit greatly reduces friction in the suspension and makes the progressiveness of the suspension more efficient. The snowmobile stands higher on its travel for comfort and better bottoming resistance. In addition, the snowmobile gets better weight transfer during acceleration without affecting its cornering behavior.  

See the installation instructions here.

Graphique de comparaison du kit VS stock

This graph shows the difference between the original setup and the linkage kit. We can notice that the kit stays longer in the comfort zone between the dashed blue and purple lines.
The kit also maintains the sled higher (crossing with the dotted yellow line) without the suspension becoming too stiff at 2/3 of the travel.

Rear Shock Pull-Rods

Rear Shock LinkRear Shock Link

Aluminium rear shock Pull-Rods for Nytro XTX and MTX (except MTX SE), Apex XTX and MTX, Vector MTX, RS Venture and Venture Lite.
Much stronger and nicer looking than original parts.
120$ .

Lowering, rebuilding and revalving shocks:

Amortisseur démonté

There are many improvements. Lowering and revalving the ski dampers can significantly improve the handling and cornering of the snowmobile on the trail. Steering effort is lighter and skis stay flat when turning. Cornering is more intuitive rather than calling for a deliberate effort.
The rear shock absorbers recalibration allows great improvement in comfort without increasing bottoming of
the supension on large bumps and holes.
Rebuild only: 70
$ per shock
Rebuild and revalve: 90
$ per shock

Shock tube reinforcement

Tube de renfort d'amortisseurtube plus épais en 2011

SOQI shock absorbers with an auxiliary reservoir connected with a rubber hose on several 08-09-10 Yamaha models have a defect: the walls of the tube of the shock are too thin, they swell and burst after repeated blows (Nytro XTX 2009-2010 rear shock, Nytro RTX 08-09-10 Center shock, 09-10 Venture GT rear shock).
We install a reinforcement tube on the lower part of the shock absorber to prevent this problem. Considering the value of a new shock, we strongly advocate installing
this reinforcement if your shock is at risk.
Yamaha has corrected the problem in 2011.
$ plus reconstruction or recalibration.

compression adjuster repair

Réparation ajusteur de compression

Sometimes there is buildup of corrosion around the o-ring of the compression adjuster needle causing an oil leak on the dampers so equipped. We then must rebuild or re-calibrate the shock and polish the chamber of the needle.
Disassembling, polishing and o-ring change: additional 10$ per shock
Needle replacement: 50$

Rear springs preload cams

Cames 5 positions

Rear springs preload cams for: Rs Venture 05-06-07-08-09-10-11-12, Vector 05, Nytro 06- 07, Nytro and Apex XTX, Apex RTX 07-08-09, Apex, Nytro and Vector MTX-Mountain and Venture lite.  Does not fit on Phazer, Nytro 121" track and Nytro MTX SE.

2nd generation of our rear spring cam: Lighter and cheaper
These cams are machined from aluminum
The cam that we propose offers 5 positions:
1 = soft on the stock cam 
2 = medium on the
stock cam
3 =
hard on the stock cam
4 = one notch firmer
5 = two notches firmer

For installation, lift the rear of the snowmobile or flip it on the side.
Unhook the front of the springs and let them hang on the side of the snowmobile.
Remove the snap ring of the cam.
Change the cam and go in reverse order.

It is recommended to strengthen the support rod cams on the Venture Rs 2005. There have been reports of a few broken support rods even with the original cam.

To join us:

STAR Suspensions
Robert Véronneau
1254 chemin de Compton
Coaticook QC
J1A 2S5

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8 AM to 3 PM EST
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