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On this site:

- Yamaha XTX Nytro and APEX
Yamaha Fx Nytro  (this is a draft working document. )
Yamaha Viper 129 and 137 track,
- Arctic-Cat ZR 129 and XF 137 track  


- Yamaha XTX Nytro et APEX
- Yamaha Fx Nytro
Yamaha Rx1
Yamaha Warrior et Rage 05
Yamaha Viper et SX-R
Yamaha SRX
Yamaha Rs Venture
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To join us:

STAR Suspensions
Robert Véronneau
1254 chemin de Compton
Coaticook, Qc
J1A 2S5

Opening Hours:
8 AM à 3 PM
Monday to Friday

Suspension improvement recommendations for:

Yamaha Viper 129 and 137 track, 
Arctic-Cat ZR 129 and XF 137 track.

Serge on the 2015 Viper

About those suspensions:

Those rear suspensions are very similar. There are some differences on the configuration of the rear shock assembly between 129 and 137 models, but shock dimensions, suspension travel, spring selection and shock valving is identical (2014 models). RTX SE or Sno-Pro models have a bigger rear shock than the basic models.

We made some rigorous testing on those snowmobiles on Winter 2014, and we came up with an excellent setup for trail riding comfort and cornering improvement:

Rear suspension revalve and modifications:  190$

This include: 

  • Rebuilt and revalve of the rear shock
  • Rebuilt and revalve of the center shock
  • Center shock piston modification
Serge plays on 2015 ZR 6000

To proceed:

Decide how you want to ship your shocks.


- Dicom: We have an account with Dicom. Shipping fee is around 15$ per shippment if you send them collect on our account. We will bill you the shipping on your shock invoice. Please call 819 849 7858 for account number. This is good for  most Quebec and Ontario.
- Purolator and UPS: If you have good rates with Purolator or UPS, they give us an excellent service.
- Post Office: They do all Canada and are well priced. Chose Expedited Parcel.Expect a few days delivery.

Ship to:
Star Suspensions
1254 chemin de Compton
Coaticook, Qc
J1A 2S5


- USPS give excellent shipping facilities. For the Viper, ask them a free Priority Mail® Medium Flat Rate Box  ( 12 x 3.5 x 14 inches ). Ship to:
Star Suspensions
Norton, Vt

Important: Call or write us with your tracking number. 819-849-7858,

- If you have an account with a national shipping carrier
( UPS, FedEx, etc ) , ship to:
Star Suspensions
Norton Country Store
540 route 114
Norton, VT

Important: Call or write us with your tracking number. 819-849-7858,

Prepare the shippment.

Find a nice and strong box. Put your shocks in the box, with enough cushion material to protect them. (newspapers do it fairly well). Make sure nothing move when the box is closed.Use enough tape, especially in the corners, to avoid any tear up on the box.
Have our address printed in large caracthers on a clean sheet of paper with the suffix " TO: " in front of it. Do the same thing with your address " From: "
Tape the address papers with clear tape on the box. Put your phone number with your address, if ever the carrier need to call someone.
Call or get to your chosen carrier.
Important, ask for a tracking number and send it to us so we can prepare for picking up the package.



Comment procéder :

1) Vous pouvez nous envoyer vos amortisseurs par la poste, par bus, ou par une compagnie de transport. Nous avons des tarifs raisonnables avec DICOM (1-888-463-4266) soit en moyenne 16$ par transport. Si vous souhaitez profiter de nos tarifs chez Dicom, envoyez-nous le colis en port-dû (collect).  Nous ajouterons les frais de transport sur votre facture. Le paiement se fait par chèque, mandat poste ou par carte de crédit (VISA, MASTERCARD). Appellez avant d'envoyer pour vérifier notre disponibilité.

2) Il est possible de prendre rendez-vous.

3) Vous pouvez aussi demander à votre concessionnaire de nous contacter. Il s'occupera de démonter les amortisseurs de la motoneige et il nous les fera parvenir.

N'hésitez pas à nous contacter pour plus d'informations.

Pour nous joindre :

STAR Suspensions
Robert Véronneau
1254 chemin de Compton
Coaticook QC
J1A 2S5

Heures d'ouverture :
8 AM à 3 PM
Lundi au vendredi
Sur rendez-vous seulement